Trylagina Ultimate Collagen Serum Anti Aging 30g. (pack of 2)

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Trylagina Ultimate Collagen Serum Anti Aging 30g. (pack of 2)

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About the product

Trylagina Ultimate Collagen Serum is an anti-wrinkle serum, helps to smooth skin. A combination of exceptional ingredients, Soluble Collagen, EPS Seafill P. and Sand Lily Extract gives your skin a youthful look and reduces the appearance of fine lines, suitable for both and adult skin types.

Skin care products are rich in skin nourishment from collagen under the stomach. Deep sea that is 10 times more concentrated than mask with natural extracts which is used to extract with technology from France, helping to clear skin Reduce dark spots naturally. Combined with the innovative Age Defense Intelligent Capsule, a new technology designed in capsule form Peptide helps to reduce wrinkles. And deep grooves at the point Ready to revitalize the skin to return to look younger naturally.

Age cheating skin really well in the first 5 by the power of nature. 

  1. Soluble Collagen10X elasticity to the skin moist and smooth 
  2. ADIC intelligent peptides reduce wrinkles look shallower enjoy dressing up 
  3. EPS SEA FILL from a sprain. When filling wrinkles in 15 minutes 
  4. Sandlily White flowers help brighten skin Dark spots on the face fade. 
  5. French Polynesia EPS protects the skin from pollution, dust, toxic fumes.

TRYLAGINA, a skin nourishing serum  that is rich in collagen from deep sea fish. And natural extracts helps clear skin reduce wrinkles and dark circles, giving the skin a natural radiance.

Concentrated collagen serum, Concentrated equivalent to 10 sheets of mask, light texture, gentle, all over the face even around the eyes.

The Main Components

  1. Collagen extract from deep sea fish from France work by creating a film on the skin for a firmer feel. Helps retain water and retain moisture Increase flexibility, make the skin look smooth and protect the skin from wrinkles.
  1. Eps Sea Fill P with the latest bio-technology, extracts from deepwater phytoplankton from the Britannia coast France Provides pure extracts that help restore fine lines and wrinkles to be smooth and smooth. When applying the extract onto the skin the extract will help the skin to feel smooth and smooth within 15 minutes after use.
  1. Sand Lily Extract, a white flower extract found in the sandy shores of Europe Is a plant that is resistant to sunlight This substance is like a guard to protect the skin to be clear, smooth and soft and help reduce dark spots.
  1. Age Defense Intelligent Capsule is a "intelligent capsule" that contains small molecular peptides to help reduce wrinkles at the right spot. With the same work as botox This passenger will act to reduce wrinkles from expressing emotions such as the cheek groove between the eyebrows while rejuvenating the skin naturally.
  1. French Polynesia Exopolysaccharide is highly purified exopolysaccharide obtained from "Kopara" which is caused by the accumulation of layers of microorganisms that grow completely And these microbes can protect themselves from UV radiation acidity salt concentration and changes that occur all the time. Kopara produces exopolysaccharide (EPS) as a shield to protect itself. In addition, this substance also provides other properties such as helping to prevent further oxidation and pollution that hurt the skin, revitalizing the skin, reducing dark circles. And protect the skin from pollution at causes sensitive skin.


         Apply after cleansing to the face and neck every day in the morning and before bedtime.