Thai Wok Brass Pan 14 inches Wooden Spatula

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Thai Wok Brass Pan 14 inches Wooden spatula Home Cooking Thai Food and Dessert


Condition: New

Large size : Diameter 14 inches  

Package included: Brass wok pan 1 pc. + Wooden spatula 1 pc.

Most important cookware in Thai and Asian kitchen is wok, because it can distribute heat evenly and excellent for stir frying, steaming and boiling. There are a variety of woks available on the market, such as carbon steel wok and brass wok. This beautiful solid Brass Wok (in Thai called Kratha thong Laung) is mainly used for making Thai traditional desserts and foods. Brass wok can conduct heat evenly and preserving the aroma and color of Thai dessert. Brass wok does not react with acids in fruit or fresh coconut, so suitable for prepare syrup by without scorching. Some chef like to use this wok for making curry or soup, sometime they taken this wok for serving directly to the table.

  • Great heat control, no burned mark after long heating
  • Durable Utensil and no rust can happen.
  • Non-stick and easy to clean up.
  • Non toxic or rust on the wok surface, health-safety
  • Keep great heat longer than other materials.
  • Safe and clean for cooking perfect food