LYO Hair Care Fast Regrowth Reduce Hair Loss Natural Extracts

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LYO Hair Care Fast Regrowth Reduce Hair Loss Natural Extracts

1 set contain : Shampoo       200ml.

                         Conditioner   200ml.

                         Hair Tonic      100ml.


Key ingredients

  • Fresh Organic Aloe vera  :- Adding moisture to hair and scalp. Reducing dandruff and irritation on the scalp.
  • Tea tree oil  :- Reducing the oiliness, dandruff, and Bacteria
  • AHA  :- Building new strong cells to substitute the death cells. Clean the scalp effectively.
  • Provitamin B5  :- Protecting hair and scalp. Preventing moisture loss.
  • Vitamin E :- Adding moisture to hair and scalp. Preventing hair from external pollution.
  • Mulberry root  :- Stimulating hair root, make the hair thick and stronger. Preventing premature gray hair.
  • Butterfly pea flower  :- Stimulating blood circulation.  Nutrients for thick, black and shiny hair.
  • Ginseng  :- Stimulating hair regrowth , clearing toxic substances on the scalp, Strong hair root, Anti-dandruff, and Relieving scalp Itching.


  • Decrease hair loss
  • Strengthen the root
  • Reduce oiliness on the scalp.
  • Relieving Itching on the scalp and dandruff.
  • Delay premature gray hair.
  • For scalp, eyebrow, and beard.
  • For the best result use with LYOs’ shampoo, conditioner, and hair tonic. 


LYO is a product for the health and hygiene of the hair and scalp. Invented, controlled, and devolved by Pharm. Prawit Tantisuwitkul. Win the customers’ heart for 18 years.


LYO combined the medical and Thai traditional knowledge with natural flora, selected only the best herb ingredients for hair and scalp. We pay attention to every detail in the production since growing herb, extract till storing to secure the natural value in the products as much as we can. For the best result in reducing hair and scalp problems in long term, decreasing hair loss, stimulating new hair to grow, balancing and repair scalp, and strengthen the root to be stronger.


LYO focus on the health and hygiene of the hair and scalp, so we determined in developing our products for the best result in health and hygiene of the hair and scalp to send the best for our customers under the motto ‘LYO, Hair Stay with You’.


‘ We’ll maintain our standard and continue to develop our products to the best quality for the best result.’



  • Products under the supervision of Pharmacists.
  • Significantly decrease hair loss.
  • Relieving inflammation, Itching, and dandruff of the scalp.
  • Strengthen the root to be stronger.
  • Restoring the hair from damaged and split end hair.
  • Preventing the infected and repairing dead skin cells on the scalp.
  • Delay premature gray hair and grow black hair.
  • Tested and approved by Dermatologist.


LYO Shampoo:  FDA No. 20-1-6300041682

LYO Conditioner:  FDA No. 20-1-6300041685

LYO Hair Tonic:  FDA No. 20-1-6300041687