4 Bottles of GO HAIR Silky Seaweed Nutrients 250ml

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GO HAIR Silky Seaweed Nutrients 250ml x 4 Bottles

Hair Nourishing Cream for Repairing Dry Hair, Damaged and Split-Ended Hair

Condition   :  Brand new, sealed, never opened

Size             : 250 ml /bottle 

Quantity     :  4  bottles

            Go Hair Silky Seaweed Nutrients is for repairing dry hair, damaged and split-ended hair to become soft and sleek again, making hair easy for styling. The cream can deeply absorb into hair, allowing rapid recovery and nourishment of hair. The product contains several herbal ingredients and is sulfate-free. See results even after the first time use.

  • helps dry hair become smooth heavily
  • deeply penetrate hair and refine and recover hair become sparkling hair
  • easy-setting hair quickly
  • special designed to protect against heat from hair styling tools

Directions :    After hair wash, slightly dry your hair and leave your hair damp. Pour Silky Seaweed Nutrients onto your palm and apply throughout your hair. Leave on and do not wash off.