Thai-English USB Wired Desktop Keyboard Black with White Letter

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Thai and English USB Wired Desktop Keyboard Black with White Letter

Brand : OKER

Model : KB-377

Color : Black with White Letter

Connectivity : USB Wired 

Size : 18.0 X 6.50 X 2.0 inches 




  • The key button has a lifespan of 15 million times per press. And use materials that are 100% anti-bacterial
  • Using a double spring and designed with 4 hooks used for attaching to the keycap to balance. In addition, the space bar has a larger and longer space.
  • The coating style is a rough skin, protect the palmar side of the thumb, using ergonomic technology, suitable for the physiology of hands and Feel good to use.
  • The keypad is designed to be comfortable according to ergonomic principles. And easy to use
  • Design by certification to be durable to conductive media to prevent Short-circuiting and chemical reactions, therefore allowing the keyboard to continue to operate
  • Ergonomic design and designed to support multi-language use
  • Support USB connection